Stella's Second Litter

On February 13th, 2005, Stella had a litter of 2 black and tan baby girls. The sire is "Dual Champion Carrdox Broadway Joe", who is Nona's sire and Stuart's grandsire and Avery's grandfather as well. These two puppies are in the ring currently. Their names are "Storybook Velveteen Rabbit", known as "Velvet" who only need single points to finish her championship, and her sister "Deenie" named "Storybook Geraldine Music Mouse" who is close behind. Please see their page "Deenie and Velvet".

Mother and babies

so sleeeeepy

stelly and the girls

on the grass

fast asleep

Naked stacked


sleeping girl

two tiny girls

curled around

two sleeping sisters

Necklace stacked

Necklace in front

Naked stacked

Naked stacked

They like the grass.

dripping puppies

Necklace in Profile

Naked in Profile

I'm watching you

stelly looking back

sheila and the puppies

playing on the grass

running to me

deenie on the grass

two sleeping on green